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Note: This phone number translates to "MBK-555-0150".…

continue reading » هدفنا الأقصى هو تقديم منصة تجعل الأشخاص يتواصلون مع بعضهم البعض للتعارف و المواعدة.

If you expose 110 people to your offer and 100 people say “No,” but 10 say “Yes,” and your total commission from the people who purchased was 00, then here’s how you’d calculate what your No’s were worth.

Here’s a screen shot of what this looks like fully broken down on a free website called Activity You don’t need these people to say “Yes,” or to be interested in what you’re doing, you just need to inform them of your opportunity.

You don’t get paid for getting a Yes anymore than a salaried employee gets a weekly paycheck for what he or she did on that payday.


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