Accomodating learners

Accommodations can range from the less obvious (preferential seating, note-taking assistance), to the noticeable (personal FM system consisting of a transmitter worn by the professor and a receiver/headphone unit worn by the student), to the highly visible (a sign language or oral interpreter, cued speech transliterator, communication access realtime translation (CART), or closed-captioned videos) and any combination of these.Accommodations can even vary for the same student from one class to another.Note: Details about how different service providers work appear below.

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However, this recent ICVET investigation has demonstrated that the challenges of accommodating learning styles are far more complex.

So the initial focus was on learning styles and has since been expanded to accommodating learner needs.

About ten minutes late, Albert runs into the computer lab seemingly dazed.

He's holding two library books in his hands like someone holds a food tray. I'm trying not to draw attention to him, so I continue my instructions and avert my gaze.

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