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Other than the caffeine, all added ingredients in the control group were expected to have no impact on any end points and were simply added to match the active drink.

The dose was based on the observation that cardiovascular adverse effects typically occur with high consumption of energy drink/caffeine.5 The amount of energy drink participants were asked to consume (2 cans totaling 320 mg caffeine) correlates to the average daily caffeine consumption (300 mg) of the US population.12 Further, nearly 15% of military personnel consume 3 cans a day in the deployed setting, which may predispose them to a higher risk threshold.5, 13 After a minimum 6‐day washout period, participants proceeded to consume the alternate study drink.

We conducted a randomized controlled trial assessing the cardiovascular safety of high‐volume energy drink consumption.

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Canadian clinical practice guidelines for nutrition support in mechanically ventilated, critically ill adult patients. 2003;27(5):355-373Pub Med Crossref Heyland DK, Schroter-Noppe D, Drover JW, et al.

Nutrition support in the critical care setting: current practice in Canadian ICUs—opportunities for improvement? 2003;27(1):74-83Pub Med Crossref Jain MK, Heyland D, Dhaliwal R, et al.

I’m very lucky to have had amazing support from family, friends and colleagues, along with lots of help from the NHS.

A combination of antidepressants, psychotherapy, exercise, diet, mindfulness and music has helped me.

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