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This setup began to change from series 4, and by the fifth series an entirely different werewolf, vampire and ghost trio played by Michael Socha, Damien Molony and Kate Bracken were starring.Anna Clare Sawyer, known commonly as "Annie", is a ghost, appearing as she did at the time of her death in her early twenties.

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Not to be confused with the 1994 film of the same name. Or a charity venture by Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

Having become annoyed at being targeted by vampires following killing Herrick, George attempts to fight back in the first episode of series two.

Amazing news, TV lovers of the world: Since we first published this story in 2013, there have been leaps and bounds in the number of streaming platforms offering hours upon hours of programming to binge-watch whenever the mood strikes.

In the interest of equal opportunity, we’ve decided to broaden the scope of this slideshow to look beyond the options available on Netflix Instant.

With her unfinished business taken care of, her Door to the other side appears once more, and she passes through it to reunite with her friends.