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In fact, other than one tiny square with a few chain restaurants [Chipotle, etc.] and shops, the streets seemed dead.It isn't a vibrant, bustling city and there's some sprawl, which makes navigating the city without a car pretty much impossible.We were frequently given wrong directions to MAJOR attractions [the Andy Warhol museum, etc.] and it was maddening trying to find our way around.

Unless you're a true and blue Yinzer, good luck navigating the 85 different detours your GPS won't be able to keep up with on twisty-twining, steep roads.

(I have no idea how anyone over the age of 60 or 65 has been able to survive walking down the slippery, icy winter streets in Pittsburgh, since everything is on a steep incline and this seemed to spell disaster to me. ) And the crappy attitudes on the road were on par with New York City drivers. I drove into downtown, and there weren't too many people walking around on a Saturday night.

The lady called customer service to complain and was frightened to what was going on, the Port authority took an hour to call back. There is a tremendous amount of mental illness in the area and yes if you want to go to a monopolized hospital where health care is limiting even though both of the health care systems jerk the locals around with their power struggles . Obesity ,smoking ,lack of character in these people . Crime is up and the corrupt crooks are out for themselves . I just moved to Pittsburgh at the beginning of this year from Florida and have been very impressed with the city during my brief time here so far. There is not a lot for families to do in this city. I feel if there were more things for the youth to do, it would be a better city.

Women are not treated respectfully in the streets . I read a few of the negative comments below and just don't see it. The suburb areas do not have reasonable priced homes.

No one in the right mind would ever give more than peanuts to live in a city as broken down and bleak as this one.