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There’s such a quiet reserved stoicism to his aura and demeanor, so perfect for Ye Hua in every way, yet with the potential for explosive passion lurking below the surface.

He embodies reading a book and then being touched to the core by the story.

as sponsored by the UN, a day to remind folks of the pleasures and pursuits of reading a good old-fashioned tome.

TW-actor Mark Chao served as the Chinese face of World Book Day, shooting a commercial spot sharing his love of reading, and boy was I getting goosebumps juxtaposing him with his drama character the god Ye Hua in .

So there you have it, more evidence that the Dot S costars were in Bali together, and honestly they would save themselves headache at this point just to admit it and tell everyone to F-off.


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    I feel a bit betrayed and worry about whether I can trust him.