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While we all want to say "age is just a number," (and I do believe that) how old we are really is a part of who we are.I can say that while in my core I've always been the same person, I am very different at age 51 than I was at 21, 31 or even 41. So if you think about it, we just keep getting better and better the older we get.

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"I just knew that I didn't want to meet my future husband like that! '"Chatrooms and dating sites are gradually losing their last-resort stigma as word of mouth spreads, but by no means is everyone after the same thing."Time poor" professionals are more likely to be looking for husbands or wives and the number of people with previous marriages under their belt is high.

Divorcees will have to hope their ex didn't get to keep the computer.

Or, let's say the liar and his or her date hit it off and start seeing each other regularly.

The liar is going to have to come clean at some point.

Despite this growing popularity, it's important to keep your wits and a healthy cynicism about you and to be selective in your websites, otherwise instead of finding Mr Right you could end up with Mr Rightwing Extremist.


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    While we don’t usually get a chance to choose our given name, we can choose our dating username, and that can give us a head start on meeting someone special.

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    I have attempted to distill the essence of the traditional Jewish approach to abortion.

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    Ranked sixth in Forbes' 20 Most Promising Egyptian Startups, Elves is currently bringing in around LE2 million a month exclusively from corporate partnerships with London Cab, Vodafone and Gourmet Egypt, which are the company’s source of revenue.

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    Geologists use this method to date volcanic rocks that may be as much as 4 billion to 5 billion years old.