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The reason for this large tally is down to Susie Boult, of the former Plastique Unique.

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I used to particularly enjoy being taken to Blackpool when I was young and most shops would stock them and many would hang them outside on display, flapping in the wind; a lovely sight.

MY wife never really liked plastic macs but tolerated them for my sake.

I think it's very clever how you incorporate your photos into Pakamac adverts and magazine covers, you are obviously very good at Photo-shop. You may have seen some photos of my macs and other rainwear photos on Flickr, my user name is Taffmac. Hello G, I live about 20 miles from Talgarth; I'm a "Valley boy".

In fact, I drove through Talgarth yesterday on my way to Hay-on-Wye.

Your wife's plastic mac sounds nice; may I ask what colour it is ?