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I guess I just want a little insight into the mind of a 38-year-old man that behaves like a high school kid.

It is really frustrating, a setback to the confidence and self esteem that I did have before I met him, which wasn’t much to begin with.

Asking him to give up this privilege of having a sexual relationship without making any effort is foolish.

It would be like expecting a homeless man to give back a $20 bill he found on the street.

Listen, Charlene, your last paragraph smacks of passive victimhood.


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    Even so, one of our sources close to Monteith tells us the TV hunkster is "not exclusive with anyone at the moment."And while we don't know if he has any plans to ask a lucky lady to be his Valentine, we have a feeling it won't be happening.

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    Although considered middle class back home, these visitors are considered wealthy by Russian standards, and that is why they come to Russia for cheap adult vacations.

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    I had a relationship with one of them for over a year.