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Dalvin (Dalvin De Grate), and K-Ci (Cedric Hailey) and his brother Jojo (Joel Hailey).

Their first two albums, "Forever My Lady" (1991) and "Diary of a Mad Band" (1993), along with several hit singles like "Lately," a remake of the Stevie Wonder song, have sold a total of six million copies.

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A player can also be called a mack or a pimp, even though he doesn't necessarily earn a living as such.

Critical to his success is what is called his game, the persuasiveness of his manner of talking and carrying himself. That don't make us players, though." Yet they embrace the player esthetic on stage.

A strawberry blonde turns the corner and finds herself just feet away from the 25-year-old tall, brown and handsome star. Later, De Vante describes the woman as "one of the most beautiful people I know." Her name, by the way, is Madonna. The group has not only reshaped rhythm-and-blues by fusing soulful singing with hip-hop beats; it has shaped a distinct image, as a foursome of ladies' men.

The combination has worked for the members -- De Vante (his real name is Donald De Grate) and his brother Mr.

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    This movement has been able to capture the hearts of men and women while simultaneously leading them to the purpose of God in their relationships.

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    I played a game with once where you could upgrade weapons and armor (star levels) using the same piece of gear with the same star level. Example would be: say a 3* character, Max level, wanted to evolve to 4*, one of the ways to do this would be to use the same character, also 3* star, Max level...