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These can be overridden by user configurations found in one of the following locations (inxi will place its config file using the following precedence as well, that is, if Please report bugs using the following resources.

You may be asked to run the inxi debugger tool which will upload a data dump of all system files for use in debugging inxi.

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If no total width data is found, then inxi will not show that item.

- Adds, if run in X, shell/panel type info to Desktop information, if present. Supports some current desktop extras like gnome-panel, lxde-panel, and others. will cause inxi to hang endlessly when running the option in console with Intel graphics (confirmed). It may be that this is a bug with the intel graphics driver, more information required.

Plus any others that are capable of displaying either built in or external script output.

To trigger inxi output in your IRC client, pick the appropriate method from the list below: .

is a command line system information script built for for console and IRC.


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