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Train fares in commuter trains and 3rd class passenger trains are kept low as a social service.There are large volumes of tourist traffic during Eid; this causes problems due to a shortage of rolling stock.This service is especially attractive to tourists who can spend the night on the train as it covers the stretch between Cairo and Luxor.

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Air-conditioned passenger trains usually have 1st and 2nd class service, while non-airconditioned trains have 2nd and 3rd class.

Most of the network connects the densely populated area of the Nile delta with Cairo and Alexandria as hubs.

Rail service is a critical part of the transportation infrastructure of Egypt but of limited service for transit.

63 kilometres (39 mi) of the network is electrified, namely commuter lines between Cairo-Helwan and Cairo-Heliopolis.

On January 16, 2015 Egyptian National Railways signed a €100 million contract with Alstom to supply signalling equipment for the 240 km Beni Suef-Asyut line and maintain services for five years.