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Sometimes, people mutually agree to stuff that courts just won’t uphold.That shouldn’t affect the intent of our contract, though, so you agree that if a judge declares a portion of these Terms of Service of no effect, the rest of the Terms of Service will stay in effect as much as is still possible without the part that the judge struck down. WE HAVE TO USE CAPS LOCK FOR THIS SECTION BECAUSE SOME DEAD GUY 100 YEARS AGO PROBABLY SAID IF WE DON’T THEN IT DOESN’T COUNT.But you’re agreeing to this hometurf being California because we have to have one universal location to resolve disputes in.

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Dating contract joke sea of fish dating

If you’re buying from us, you will PAY for what you order when you order it.

Since we wear the pants around here, its up to us whether we’ll run your ad or not, and like your prom date we may reject you…so try again. But the internet is dangerous, and we don’t like danger spilling over onto our website.

I was expecting a very traditional terms of service that you’d normally see online.

However, Aaron drafted me something totally different and at first I was taken back a step but after I read the Terms of Service agreement in full, I realized that it was actually quite genius, hilarious, fun and masterful all in one.

I recently came to the conclusion that a proper Terms of Service on Daily Conversions would be a good idea.