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Jessie is appalled at the whole idea; meanwhile, Lisa becomes an intellectual to impress a smart boy. Belding and Zack switch places while Kelly becomes Slater's teacher.

When Kelly gives a test and everyone in her class fails, Zack faces a hard decision: to either be their friend or their leader.

While working on a cable television show for communications class, the gang starts promoting Screech's new flavor of spaghetti sauce.

Trouble is afoot, however, when a snobbish girl takes an interest in Screech's success.

Bo Revere may be a fake singer whom Zack uses to hide subliminal messages for Kelly Kapowski, but the song is real. Belding's brother is named Edward Blatchford, and he's now a real estate agent in California. Speaking of Rod Belding, Edward Blatchford also co-wrote a short film called "Saved By The Belding," in which four young men journey to California to find Mr. The film was released in 2010, and yes, it stars Dennis Haskins. Johny Dakota, the movie star who comes to Bayside to film an anti-drug PSA, was played by the actor Eddie Garcia.