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But the truth is, not everyone wants to, has to, or should take that path. It’s up to you to make your choices because at the end of the day, you have to live with the life you’ve created so build something you’re proud of.

And if you want, build it with someone you makes you happy, no matter how old you are.

It is essential to be open, understanding, and accepting of how others live their lives.

If you read this and feel like it’s absolutely ridiculous, then it’s obviously not for you and you should continue on the path you’re on.

If you can drop the judgment and not politicize this choice, and just see it as a fact, a younger partner has appeal that older ones don’t.” MAKE UP OR BREAK UP? You may gain a parenting partner Believe it or not, younger partners may be more open-minded about the idea of lending a hand in step-parenting your kids, Masini said.