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Rajasthani dances are essentially folk dances tracing their origin to rural customs and traditions.

What is more interesting is that keeping alive the numerous dance forms are not the professional dancers but the ordinary rural men and women of Rajasthan.

The rich cultural heritage of the state is reflected in its impressive folk music and dances, different languages and dialects, the majestic forts, palaces, mansions and divinely holy places of religious worship, its multihued fairs and festivals, its tempting cuisines, and, above all, its inviting and cheerful people.

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Where there is no express grant from the owner of the land permitting such a right of way, the owner of the ‘landlocked’ property has to rely upon other means of establishing a right of way.

This is where prescription comes in, which is a form of deemed grant which arises through long use.

The culture of the state is a result of its 5000-year old history and the varied topography of the desert land.

Rajasthan has a diverse population belonging to different castes, tribes, and religions, which embellish the culture by their unique customs and beliefs.

Some parts of the state are thickly populated, while others are sparsely inhabited.