Dating gerstner tool chests

For the real Gerstner "purist" - I would hope they are happy to see us take whatever steps are necessary in order to provide future generations with the same high quality American made products upon which we have established our 105-year reputation. If you want the "original" Gerstner - the USA division stands ready to meet that need.Click Here - To learn more about Gerstner USA Products. If you want a really good chest at a super economical price, Gerstner International is here for you too.I notice that they're red oak as compared to the ones on your web site which are white oak.

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All GI chests are built with the "old style" look, with the lid pins and top corners on all the chests.

The bottom line remains, we would not put our name on it if we were not happy with the quality level for the price paid.

And if I buy one am I getting a real Gerstner tool chest?

In this day and age of overseas competition we took a look at the copies of our chests already coming in to the USA and realized that there is a large demand for a good chest at an economical price.

It has increased the awareness of the Gerstner brand name to a whole new market of people that never knew we existed before - purely because of their good looks and price points.


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