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Ubiquity that’s fueled by ease of use and speed of communication – handy benefits when you’re trying to collect information, book interviews, and make hires as efficiently as possible?

Here are tips to efficiently, productively – and professionally – add messaging to your recruitment communications toolkit: To get ahold of the candidate, plain and simple. Sign off with your name, title, and company in the first message.

And while smartphones make it easier to send and receive texts, even basic (read: inexpensive) handsets can be used to text.

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Google Voice: It's hard to beat "something for nothing" on the Internet.

With Google Voice, you get a free phone number you can use to make coast-to-coast calls at no charge.

Don’t message them on their current employer’s company phone! We all shake our heads at people who break up with their girl/boyfriends by text, right?

Spare your candidate’s the torture of robot-written messages.

BRB: Be right back BTW: By the way CUL8R: See you later IDK: I don’t know ILY: I love you FWIW: For what it’s worth IMO: In my opinion J/K: Just kidding LOL = Laughing out loud NP: No problem SLAP: Sounds like a plan TTYL: Talk to you later Every cellphone can send and receive text messages. Some monthly cellular plans don't include any text messages — which means you pay (usually around 20 cents a pop) for each text sent or received.