Mobile no for sexchat - Dating rules for men calling

Guys, when you get down to it, all you need to know about women is we like to talk.We love to gab, gossip, giggle and have fun with words.If you are interested in her and if she is displaying these behaviors, which tend to come naturally when one person is attracted to another, you may ask her for her phone number. Do: Call her phone immediately Since practically everyone has a cell phone nowadays, the most obvious way to take down a phone number is to enter it straight into your phone.

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Don’t expect women to text or call you just because they’re attracted to you.

We have amazing will power when it comes to playing it safe.

For you movie buffs, think about the scene in Swingers when Jon Favreau’s character meets a girl in a bar and upon returning home, proceeds to call her repeatedly until she finally answers.

When she does answer, she demands that he never calls her again.

The myth exists that women want extravagance and luxury, but you will be surprised to find how far you can go with a little respect and chivalrous behavior.