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"The 'live' packages containing the cameras were painted that way for an easier recovery once landed." Pacheco suggested the box recovered near Moncton could be one of several launched for training purposes in 1955 from the Lowry Air Force Base in Colorado.Regardless of where the spy camera kit ultimately originated, the Mc Pherson family said the answers are bittersweet. I wish mom and dad were here, because they would have loved that, knowing what it was," said Mc Pherson Jr, whose mother died in 2004 and father died 18 months ago.(Shane Fowler/CBC) Rogers said everyone always knew there was something more to the mystery box than officials were telling them. President Dwight Eisenhower approved the project, which was run alongside a similar balloon operation focused on weather in order to give operators a front to point to if, and when balloons went "rogue." "If it is from that project I would not be shocked that the wind accidently took it into Canada," said Annette Gillis, a curator at the Military Communications and Electronics Museum.

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The mystery that has plagued a New Brunswick family for more than five decades has been solved, with a satisfying Cold War espionage-flavoured denouement.

Declassified documents from the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency in the United States reveal the origins of the white 181-kilogram box found hanging from a rotting parachute in a tree near Moncton in 1962.

Each year, UNESCO's World Heritage Committee may inscribe new sites on the list, or delist sites that no longer meet the criteria.

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stands next to the barn where his father stored 'the thing' that turned out to be a spy camera kit.