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If you are 'local' check out the Lo G Dating in Info, as mentioned by Edwina Currie on Radio 5 no less! Marie and The League of Gentlemen Site Tweet New Merchandise is now available!

They do this by bringing a wide range of people together to hear essential messages and to share experience, concerns and solutions.

Safety Groups, dating back in some cases to the 1920s and '30s, are an established part of the UK health and safety system.

Collectively they Fulfilled a lifetime ambition with their very own feature film entitled The League of Gentlemens Apocalypse which is out on DVD and a DVD of the Panto tour is out also!

Steve and Reece won A Comedy Award with the first series of Psychoville and have a 2nd series under their belt which is also nominated for a comedy award! Psychoville was launched in June 2009 and features both Steve and Reece supported by an amazing cast including Dawn French, Christopher Biggins, Dame Eileen Atkins and Nicholas Le Prevost to name but a few! This site will always keep you informed on everything the Gents get up to, from appearances on the stage, to book signings, from voice overs to Radio and TV appearances plus we will be keeping you up to date on all the gossip regarding the next series or next film!

This site receives visitors from every country in the world and the good news for our American visitors is that Region 1 DVD's are now available! If you are new to the site then I suggest you start off by reading the latest news which you will find under the Info section then click on the video clips or listen to a sound clip!


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    He is such a good man and hard worker treats me like a queen and my kids as his own..we hardly ever see each other. Your posts are good reminders to love the ones you love through it all...bumper crops, drought, flood. My husband respects me and always brags to everyone my part in our farm. I'm from Greenwood which is close to Indianapolis. My parents though always had us exploring outside so I love nature and animals.

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    I wrestled my arm away and raced into my house, very flustered.

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    We dated different people, made other friends, had our own adventures, grew up. That being said, yes, some people (read: men) can’t not try and sleep with their attractive female “friends,” I’m just not that guy.

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