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As a standard, Geraci recommends posting a clear, well-framed, flattering face shot as the primary photo and a full-body shot as the second.Then add a third and fourth photo which reveal something about your life.

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"You want multiple photos to give the reader reassurance that there's truth in advertising here." For the sake of full disclosure, some online daters choose to post a plethora of pictures.

"Personally, I think the more photos, the better," says Molly, 34.

"Ideally, I like to see three to five photos because you can see quite a bit of personality in that number," says Jennifer, 34.

"Fewer photos than that, and you don't get a sense of the person beyond just physical attributes.

"The main photo should just be you," says Bacon, "but the others can show you with your pet or you fly-fishing." Just remember not to post any photos that could rub potential matches the wrong way, cautions Bacon—"for instance, if you're a guy, don't post that photo of you surrounded by sexy cheerleader types." Cons: Upping your photo count with less-than-stellar pictures may actually lower your probability of getting a response.