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These are the only circumstances where I've used it to any success. If she gives it great, if not you send another message making fun of her a bit and hoping that she gives it to you then.He then suggests how you should follow up with phone game and some tips for when you go on a date. - It is easy to implement and shows you pretty much exactly what you need to do...

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One of them gave me the phone number, the other said something like "let's talk in a few weeks" which to me signaled a flake and I scratched her out.

The one who gave me the phone number I actually went out on a date with, but I didn't realize that "athletic and toned" to a girl meant that she could be a starting linebacker for the New York Giants.

A few audio clips, and a few video clips for setting up your profile, emails and how to go about getting the phone number etc.

all in all I'd say about 3-4 hours worth of content.

It's virtually worthless since it is mostly common sense and hasn't increased the number of dates I have from online sources.