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The punctuation must be as shown; the “#” separates the host name and any aliases from the comments.

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If included, the CPU type (“cpu”) is typically a generic system type, such as PC, Mac, Sun, or RS/6000. “Gateway 386/33”, “Mac IIsi”, “Sun 4/230”, “RS/6000-350”), although this is discouraged, since the model can change fairly often, and it requires more diligence to maintain an accurate list.

The operating system (opsys) is the name of the base system software, such as Windows XP and other Windows variants, MAC-OSX, Linux, or Solaris.

Server records are generally maintained automatically within the Windows 2000 Active Directory system, but are sometimes applicable within the central campus DNS system.

The SRV record is formatted as follows: SRV: service-domain-name: priority weight port server-domain-name Priority, weight, and port are all numeric values; server-domain-name is the domain name of the server, as specified in a separate host (A) record.

Mail Exchange (MX) records provide a mapping between a mail domain name and the mail server or servers which handle incoming mail for the domain.


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