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Unfortunately, he's also been lying to her: Fiona has no idea that his arranged wife, drug-lord daughter Estefania, is back in the picture — or that he fingered her in the backseat of a car in last week's episode (the show airs Sundays at nine on Showtime). We spoke to Justin Chatwin, who plays Jimmy, about what's in store for his TV relationship, why he likes to tweet about his ass, and what made that aforementioned fingering scene especially awkward.

The end of last week’s episode killed me, when Fiona tells Jimmy, “I trust you.

He has also appeared in the second season finale of the television series Scrubs.

In 2007, Reynolds guest-starred as Brendan's friend Hams in the episode "Douchebag in the City" of the TBS sitcom My Boys.

In this case, it was more awkward because my best friend’s now dating Stephanie Fantauzzi [who plays Estefania].

How did that compare to shooting regular sex scenes, which you’ve done a lot of on the show?

Finally, the show was giving us the really hard sell on these two: Two people who swore off marriage somehow decide to marry each other. He's welcome to have as much sex as he wants, and to have casual, even anonymous sex, because whatever happens between consenting adults is their business.