Egypt dating age 17

these stars are placed on the map precisely as the location where the Pleiades are situated in the sky.

They are called by this name, likewise, on the Solomon's Islands in the Pacific.

And on the Northern Sumatra this 6-star constellation is called "Bindtang Tudjohc", i.e. All this could refer to a much older age of the concept of the star system than most historians today would like to accept.

The star cluster was also seen in this way by the ancient Hebrews - as well as by America's Coyote Indians in Oregon and the Iroques Indians. the Dyaks and the Malaysians on Borneo these stars are exactly counted as "seven of which the one is invisible".

And by Australia's Aboriginals who, too, call them "the young girls".

For instance, this is the case with the Egyptian temple of Isis in Denderah, a temple build as a copy of more ancient temples.