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films, both attended the premiere to support their former co-star.WATCH: Emma Watson Explains Why She Never Talks About Her Boyfriend, How She Made 'Beauty and the Beast' Feminist Lewis walked the red carpet with his fiancée, Angela Jones, and Felton chose to keep a lower profile, skipping the carpet.

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Were you concerned about signing up for another franchise? It’s a hard industry to have a long career regardless of what films you’ve been in but fingers crossed I can continue in it.

Whether it’s acting, directing or writing, I want to be involved in the film industry for the rest of my life. A lot struggle to tell the difference between the films and reality and there are lots of wary seven-year-olds who won’t say hello to me.

I said: ‘I play him, my name’s Tom.’ He thought I was making it up.

Always a gentleman, Tom Felton has kept mum on the whole matter, but while interviewing him at the recent premiere of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood, I went all Rita Skeeter on him and asked if the feelings were mutual."Er, uh, um, no," he replied, fidgeting nervously. "No," he replied, before bursting into nervous laughter.

Jason Isaacs [Lucius Malfoy] always looked after me very well. She said tell your brain you’re not allowed to cry and then it’s more likely to happen. You hear stories about actors who demand their coffee to be served at a certain temperature but on Harry Potter if you wanted a cup of tea you had to get it yourself. One of the first days was the scene of us walking into the great hall, which I’ll never forget. Will you have to take off all your clothes on stage to shake off the Draco Malfoy image? Daniel Radcliffe didn’t do it for an image change; he did it because he’s very passionate about theatre.


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