Epg is updating service list please wait

Most of the time, the result is literally nothing: there is no feedback, no indication that it's done anything.It's as if I had not performed any action at all on the computer.Final configure to IPTV Simple Client Addon choose to path of downloaded EPG data, If you have any issue about EPG time shift you have to set to your time zone and “Apply Time Shift to All Channels”. System / Settings / Live TV / General / Reset The PVR Database.

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New IPTV Project PVR Client for KODI works without need add to Playlist URL and XMLTV URL.

Just install to addon, doesn’t need to do any settings.

If I then do a manual update everything is fine, until the next scheduled update when the TV Guide is again blank except for the DVB-T EPG listings.

Silly question, but is the scheduled update looking for an XMLTV file in a different location than that specified when we do a manual scan?

Do you guys possibly have the xmltv file in a directory that the Next (running as the logged in user) can access, but isnt accessible from (running as a service under a different user account)? Hi Sub I have checked again and can see that my XMLTV data is only updating when I do a manual update.


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