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The southern region has extinct volcanoes and fields of broken lava. The east, bordering the Red Sea, is a narrow strip of barren scrubland and desert.

Eritrea’s coastal location has long been important in its history and culture—a fact reflected in its name, which is an Italianized version of Mare Erythraeum, Latin for “Red Sea.” Eritrea’s history goes back to the days of the Pharaohs in Egypt, when they conducted trade with the chiefs of the Red Sea coasts.

The Christian name is often derived from the Saint’s Day on which the child is born.

Children, both male and female, are given their father's first name as their surname and will keep this name throughout their life.

Eritrea is an east African country located in the Horn of Africa.

It is about the size of the state of Mississippi, roughly 120,000 square kilometers.

The armed struggle continued until 1991 when Eritrea was able to gain its independence.