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Getting out of Athens can be a miserable experience if you don't have a ferry ticket and sometimes even if you do. That's because the island of Tinos is the Lourdes of Greece and it is on the same ferry route as Mykonos. The second holiest place is Agiassos and the ferries are filled with pilgrims preceding those holidays.

You can get tickets if you book in advance but if you meander down to Pireaus and expect to get on a boat you may find yourself back on the metro looking for a hotel for your weekend in Athens.

There are air-conditioned lounges to hang out in and airplane seats so you don't have to literally be on the deck being lashed by wind and high seas (rare).

There are also ferries that are not quite high-speeds but are faster than the normal slow ferries.

Most of the Blue Star ships are in this category as are some of the Hellenic Seaways boats like the Nissos Chios.

You may have heard of adrenaline addicts who feel bored with no extreme in their life.

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There is supposedly no smoking indoors on the ferryboats.


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