Finally updating my site 2hot chat room

These weird reminders that in 2 more years, my html skills will be old enough to drink. And god I’ve logged some serious time on these internets.

I try to avoid thinking about these things in the context of my last job, better to focus on the fact that I’m no longer there, and I can try to be somewhere that appreciates the time and effort I’ve spent building all of these internets. My first iteration of the site was straight html & images.

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The new update features transparency, lots of white space, and feels much lighter (which is refreshing if that’s your style).

It also abandons the tab bar UI for a single view with sub menus.

So, blacks & whites, with colors only for linked items (and a different color for each section of the website).

Having a neutral setting allows the art to pop, and makes it clear what is a link and what isn’t.

So I made processes where, in order to add a new piece of artwork to my gallery, I’d just upload the image, and then add some content to a text file, and it would automatically get pulled onto the site.