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The app for Android™ smartphones and devices monitors web browsing on the device’s stock browser, as well as reporting which apps were used and how long they were accessed.

Covenant Eyes user Dwayne Moore recently explained why he installed the Android app on his smartphone: “My phone’s got a big screen and fast Internet access. Knowing someone else can see what sites I’ve browsed really helps keep me in check.” He added, “Just the other day I got a Twitter message from a girl named ‘Artie.’ Artie’s avatar was a picture of her legs crossed in a mini-skirt.

Furthermore, 24% of smartphone owners have porn on their handset, and of these, 84% said their romantic partners did not know about it.

Teens and young adults in particular use smartphones, and are therefore at a higher risk of Internet misuse on their mobile devices.

(Learn how to set restrictions on the i Phone in our user guide.) (Update for 2016: Later this year, we plan to release our brand new, completely overhauled Covenant Eyes Accountability app for i Phone® and i Pad®.

Our patent pending technology extends accountability coverage on the i Phone and i Pad in ways that no one else can.

“I know people who got their Android phone and they just don’t use their computer anymore,” said Tom Schultz, a software developer at Covenant Eyes.