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We have all heard the phrase, “a family that eat together, stays together.” But did you also know that a class that learns together, learns better and retains more knowledge and is able to more effectively apply that knowledge?Scholar LMS allows users to collaborate with one another to enhance their learning experience and learn from each other.

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* Join an ongoing group call/conference with one click. No problem, just go the talk and join when convenient.* See who is speaking - no more confusion about who is talking in a conference or group call.* Page one or a group of friends with the touch of a button - a novel quick non-intrusive way of asking somebody to get in touch with you.* No setup needed, just have them in your phone contacts.

* Free international calls and chats to and from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, each course can also have a real time chat-room for students to collaborate.

While the forum is a good way for asynchronous collaboration, chatting is way more fun and engaging for students to exchange ideas and bond with one another in real time.

I used this app to communicate with friends when in Europe, but continue to use it to stay in touch with family who live in Spain.


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