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He's now married to a woman who likes putting make-up on him and they have two babies.

In recent years, I've discovered it's a manifestation of a submissive personality (because we're still considered the weaker/submissive sex) - go to a good dominatrix/dungeon site and you will see "feminization" on the menu.

They think that by putting on heels and makeup and cheap wigs, they look feminie? It's absolutely appaling, especially when the crossdresser has a pot-belly, stubble, and a disgoustingly cheap wig with granny clothes. What about those girls that prance around half naked at sporting events - are they doing womens rights any good? Oh for god's sake, is right on more levels than I can count - even in her feelings of being insulted.

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Free peer 2 peer sex chat only hot girls

When I used to work in the clothing world I use to have a man come to me every few month and help him pick out womens outfits. A lot of other girls thought it was weird and called him a freak but it didn't bother me in the least.

I don't think he was gay, he certainly didn't stike me that way, he said he enjoyed dressing in womens clothes and the fabrics were nicer. After a year I found myself looking forward to his visits.

Thursday, September 13, 2007, AM I am TOTALLY DISGUSTED by it.

Maybe that's because my ex-husband told me on our honeymoon that he's a cross-dresser, and then he had the stones to call me "abnormal" for not wanting to have his babies.

Thursday, September 13, 2007, AM not grossed out at all, crossdressing to me is like dressing up of any kind, no one thinks it's gross if I decide to throw a costume party, like any kind of costume cross dressing is just pretending to be something you're not for a little while, no harm in it at all.


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