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She was just incredibly disgusted with Spacey’s entitlement and complete lack of professionalism when it came to people he thought himself above.

About 5 years ago I was in NYC and I was trying to track down a friend who was also in town.

He was an excellent tenant, and left the place immaculate. From: [Redacted] Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at PM Subject: Re: spacey Nope.

He repeatedly propositioned one of the PAs so relentlessly that they actually had to reassign the kid to another project, and then Spacey just started in on someone else.

She said they eventually just made sure any “underling” position that came into contact with Spacey was staffed by a woman or an older guy—he just basically assumed he was entitled to young, decent-looking guy he had any power over on the set, straight or gay. My story (or my friend’s story, rather) is from more than a decade ago—it’s been long enough that I don't remember the exact year, but I’m guessing 2002 or 2003.

I was a bouncer at the Hollywood Athletic Club, which is basically a huge facility off Sunset that hosts several different clubs at once. Producers for a film having a “wrap party” called “The United States of Leland.” Chris Klein and the entire cast and crew were at this party.

I was at the door/red carpet entrance the entire night with the list and saw everyone who came and went.

Throw it in the comments below, or From: [Redacted] Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at PM Subject: Kevin Spacey @ Sundance. On the third night, at a vodka-sponsored soiree, I felt a hand on my bum at the martini bar. I didn’t really have my wits about me at this point; I was more starstruck than uncomfortable, and simply smiled politely and passed him a drink from the free bar.