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People you interact with for the first time may be wary of you, because they may assume you’re too full of yourself.

But the very second you smile or speak warmly to them, they’d open up and get warmer towards you.

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If you feel uncomfortable or threatened each time someone attractive walks in, you’re putting yourself down through your body language.

When you feel convinced that the other person is better looking and more eye catching than you are, you’d feel weaker, more helpless and more annoyed, especially if the one you’re trying to impress appears to be giving this good-looker all their attention.

The ease and comfort level they exhibited clearly reflected the blooming bromance between Modi and Netanyahu.

Netanyahu and Modi attended a demonstration of a desalination vehicle, tasted the purified seawater and rode the unique vehicle.

When you meet someone on a blind date, wouldn’t you make an assumption about the person you’re on the date with even before both of you exchange the first sentence?