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While you may not agree with some of the questions, please try to view them with an open mind.

As you’ll see, the history we have been taught has been manipulated and obscured from us.

A tiny figurine made of baked-clay (right) was brought up in amongst the debris churned out by a huge drill bit during the drilling of a well in Nampa Idaho in 1889. If man evolved from ape, then why are there still apes? There are pyramids on every continent of the world. In Ecuador, one large Jade cup and 12 smaller Jade cups were found.

In the pre-religious Anunnaki creation myth, Anu had 2 sons, Enki and Enlil. The Old and New Testament of the Christian bible clearly shows one vengeful god who kills millions of people while an apparently different god who is all loving. Does the bible reflect the story of Enlil (Old Testament, malevolent towards humans) and Enki (New Testament, all-loving toward humans)?

Enki, also known as Ea (as in EArth) in Sumerian texts, was loving and kind to the genetically modified humans who mined gold for the Anunnaki. In the Old Testament, Genesis , it states, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” 15. In 1851 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, a 4-1/2 inch high zinc and silver alloy vase was dynamited out of solid rock 15 feet below the surface.

Under a black light, the eye takes on an interesting hue while on the bottom of this artifact (see picture below), you can see a star map of Orion’s Belt along with writing that is older than any known writing on this planet.

According to the research of Klaus Dona, the same writing has been found all over the world, proving that there was a pre-existing GLOBAL civilization that is much older than any Sanskrit writings. Why do all history classes exclude this information?

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