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So, I went up to them and said “I just want you to know my friend and I are enjoying watching you two shoot down all the guys hitting on you tonight. Eventually, they came over to talk to us to share some of the weak attempts guys were using on them.

Everyone likes to get a little dirty sometimes, but these pick-up lines shouldn’t be said to people who you’re meeting for the first time.

However, if you know them a bit or want to mess with one of your friends, these are some great ones if you’re going for the shock factor.

The best way to chat to a woman is to be respectful and to be yourself.

You've been subjected to them: cheesy pick-up lines from guys or girls who have had one drink too many (when you've had three drinks too few).

I’d say this one is the number one pick-up line of all time. It’s definitely a well-known one, so she’ll know you aren’t trying to be original but lighthearted.


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    Careful, I've used that before (almost verbatim) and gotten responses like "Oh, we're not that far" or "But I don't mind driving to where you are" etc.

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    Carnivals are one of those timeless traditions that feel just as exciting on screen as they do in real life.

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    So a person who randomly sends out dozens of “hey” messages to would-be dates would have to pay a higher price to make contacts than someone who does it more selectively. Our survey suggests that 45 percent of online daters have tried multiple dating websites or apps.

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    Otherwise you can find yourself spending hours doing this manually each day. It can be really handy to have separate workbooks for different themes.