Hacking paid dating sites i resent dating a marine

Hacking paid dating sites

You don’t need to look very far before you come across their first deceitful trick – fake member profiles on their homepage!

Benaughty rotates their homepage between a number of different designs.

And here is the small print from their billing policy: So you need to cancel within 3 days otherwise you’ll find that £39.99 has been taken from your credit card. If you then look into their terms and conditions (not visible on the payment page) you will find the following statement: So even if you do attempt to cancel within the 3 day window, your chances are very slim that this will be approved in time.

They also attempt to make the cancellation process as awkward as possible by making you call an operator in America.

If you do click on one of the mail icons, you’re then asked by your mail provider, (Gmail, Yahoo etc.), if you will allow access for Benaughty. And if you do click on the unmissable big green button, they will all be sent an invitation to join.


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    They are not there to be “picked up.” If you do this or try that you’ll be wasting a lot of your time. Most men leave frustrated with a feeling of being outnumbered by men who can show off their wealth and status. There’s always a steady stream of new women looking for dates on these sites so if you want an often private dating area to explore they are perfect.

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