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She explains that the individual accounts couldn’t be used in conjunction with one another.

She doesn’t really say why her team didn’t investigate the claims more rigorously, though; many of her accounts end with her team being a day late and a dollar short — she recalls one anecdote about obtaining a warrant to search Maskell’s home and missing him.

The murder itself is like a corner piece in a jigsaw puzzle — a very important component, but in the end, just a fragment of a bigger picture.

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According to the Baltimore Sun, Cesnik’s case became dormant after 1977.

White eventually comes to a rattling deduction: Cesnik was killed because she found out about a pattern of sexual abuse that victimized the girls of Archbishop Keough, and threatened to do something to stop it.

At one point, White asks May about a series of files that Maskell buried in a local cemetery, which May and her team dug up.

To any regular person, a priest buying a cemetery plot to bury files would seem extremely suspicious, and those files important.

Sharon May, who was the head of the sex crime division at the Maryland state’s attorney’s office in the ’90s — including when Wehner’s Jane Doe lawsuit was brought against Maskell, Archbishop Keough, and the archdiocese of Baltimore in 1994 — speaks to White like she’s participating in a particularly strange and dark episode of .


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