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Commercially available scheduling programs include MICROSOFT Schedule ™, which is part of the WINDOWS 95 OFFICE™, MICROSOFT Outlook™, which is part of the WINDOWS 97 OFFICE™, LOTUS ORGANIZER, SIDEKICK, NETMANAGE, ECCO, NOW UP-TO-DATE and DAY-TIMER ORGANIZER.

A PDA 602 includes a corresponding version of the same scheduler program (e.g.

infrared wireless port when updating a pda-56

Infrared wireless port when updating a pda

A PDA is a small, handheld computer used to write notes, record names, addresses and phone numbers, to develop an appointment calendar, and otherwise keep your life in order.

A scheduling program running separately in each of the PC and the PDA maintains separate database information in data files relating to scheduled appointments and contact information.

Scheduling programs running on a PDA or a PC are very convenient for scheduling, for managing appointments, and for storing and organizing personal information, contact information, and group scheduler information electronically.

However, for any particular user, it is most desirable to maintain only one set of personal, contact and group scheduler data for each person or group of persons utilizing a scheduling program running on a PC or on a PDA.

Wireless communication paths between a PC and a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) are utilized to synchronize data files between the PC and the PDA.