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Fortunately, sessions expire automatically after a period of time; check your servlet engine documentation to see how to set this timeout period.

I felt that there should be a way to do it from Java Script; unfortunately, Java Script doesn't seem to have an handler that you want.

You cannot click on the profile page untill you are logged in.

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Seems that the session object relies on server for its GC.

What happens when session.invalidate() is called: Both attributes and session object are destroyed immediately??? In fact it is the servlet container that creates the session object.

I am using struts and tomcat and wants the user to be redirected to login page after session timeout.

For testing purpose, I set 1 minute session timeout in both tomact and application files.

The struts 2 framework passes the instance of org.apache.struts2.dispatcher. If the end user clicks on the logout link, he will not be able to access the profile page.