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If your wireless connection works well, most likely, the problem is on our servers' side and we are working hard to fix it.

If you think that an i Pod Touch can't suffice for a cheap alternative to a full-fledged i Phone, you may be surprised.

Check just two ways you can function on the fly with an i Pod Touch as your cellphone.

Your replies will be converted to instant messages and will be delivered back to your contact.

You may enter your e-mail for Push-to-Email under "Settings" – "Notifications" - "PUSH-TO-EMAIL".

To use Push-to-Email please specify your e-mail address to deliver instant messages to and select desired time to stay connected (up to 7 days for IM Pro7).


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    When we started out we simply displayed a list of popular chat rooms with no registration requirement. As our traffic grew, we added chat rooms of our own. However, in addition to our British chatters we have a large number of visitors from the United States, Ireland, Australia and Canada. We understand that without visitors like you, our rooms would be empty.