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WATCH VIDEO During the day, men frequent the mabati video dens to watch the latest flick or football game, but at night, the video dens are turned into a stage where people pay to watch live sex, courtesy of shrewd twisted youthful entrepreneurs.

Once inside the packed video den, which can accommodate up to 20 people, bulbs are yanked off their holders, leaving a lone bulb hanging over the stage.

“There can never be a problem with the police because in most of the viewings, police are usually available.

In fact, cops on patrol usually pass by for their share of protection money,” he says.

The girls, sourced locally, are barely past their teens. Once the man finishes, people have to pay another Sh150 to watch the girl have sex with a second man,” reveals our source, who was born, raised, and still lives in Ayany area. “Most of the girls who engage in sex-for-view have babies, and they probably prefer being paid for sex in public than stand in the street trying to earn money off prostitution,” says our source.


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