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Wooden steamship that caught fire from over-stoked boilers and burned to the waterline off the coast of Sheboygan, WI, killing at least 190 but perhaps more than 250 of the nearly 300 people on board.40 people survived in lifeboats and three were rescued from the water.The wooden steamship went aground in smoke and fog on the Wisconsin coast of Lake Michigan, near Milwaukee in 1905.

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The commercial schooner sank with all hands due to bad weather in Lake Superior, off the coast of Long Island in Chequamegon Bay.

The site of the wreck was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.

One person, a trader called Ling, survived to bring word of the wreck to St. Jessie was towing the barge Minerva and a second unknown barge, which were both lost. The vessel had previously picked up the crew from the wrecked Al-Ki and the pirates from the wrecked Manhattan.

All passengers and crew were rescued before vessel sank by the Curaçao, Ravalli, and Jefferson. 3's paddlewheels became jammed by ice, and, unable to manoeuvre, the vessel was dragged by the ice floes over a recently sunken barge, the Santiago, one of whose broken masts pierced the ice boat's hull below the waterline. 3's furnaces and the order was given to abandon ship.

Not believed to be in danger, the ship was not evacuated. All but one of the 23 members of the crew perished She was carrying a load of hardwood worth of $4,200 from Boyne City to Chicago.