Horny girl on wechat - Newly sober and dating

it’s better to know what someone is like sober—and that “someone” includes you, too!

When we show up to a date sober, or make a point to meet at a place that doesn’t serve alcohol, we get to be our real selves. Champagne goggles will make everyone look a little better, for a minute.

When we get into recovery, our hearts and minds slowly begin to reconnect, and the result is a lot of . Part of recovery is becoming a , so even if you love being rough and tough, you may find yourself embracing a little bit of your feminine side. As you stay sober, you’ll figure out what works for you.

At least it’s not included in Alcoholics Anonymous’ Big Book.

Or, if they lost all their other relationships before seeking addiction help, you may find yourself in a very needy relationship.

Addicts in early recovery need a lot of patience and understanding. Certain places – bars, clubs, maybe even restaurants – need to be avoided.

Or we start smoking again, when we’d quit ages ago.