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We will also host many new and exciting events and activities as part of the launch celebration. Roger, the King of Pirates, who owns enormous wealth, fame, power and everything in the world, once said: "I've buried everything I had into the sea, go and find them if you want it." Such word had driven the people to an unprecedented treasure hunt and the "Age of Pirates" is at hand!

We’ll be giving away rewards that'll help you dominate the in-game world. Bloody and cruel battles burst out among many pirates for the possession of the priceless treasure named "ONE PIECE" – a boy named Luffy, who made a pact with his friend Shanks, was also involved.

Use the screenshot below (in English) to navigate through the menu.

Dear Captains, One Piece: Legends of Pirates brings us a lot of fun since it has been released.

Also, he is NOT Genderbent for clarification, he is STILL MALE! But yeah, he's not genderbent, just crossdressing I blink the tears from my eyes finally, my vision returning, but I stay lying right where I am.


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