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You may be lucky enough to have signed up with one of the only internet service providers in the UK that can already offer such a service that blocks unsuitable websites directly from the wireless router and so protecting your family against 'internet nasties' on any device in your home - but my guess is they would opt to sell you a family protection software bundle instead which will only protect your household computers. Anyway enough of all that nonsense and down to the 'nitty-gritty'.

Us IT people are well known for our technical jargon, long hair and pony tails and trying to fit as much technical nonsense and numerals into a sentence.

If all fails you could try calling your internet service provider to see how they can assist.

Make sure you mention you want to block unsuitable sites on non-Windows devices such as an Ipod Touch or Playstation 3, I would suggest they wont be able to help but doubtless will offer an interesting array of technically blinding excuses, I'll be interested to know how they resolve the problem for you.

I may consider making a video with full step by step instructions if there's enough demand for it.


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