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"I want to make it dramatic for the public."Another young construction worker, Dawson Raymond, had seen a few of Payne's videos and decided to take his stings a step further: In 2015, he teamed up with a friend in Calgary to start a group he called Creep Catcher.

Brady and G-Man keep their voices low and even, to keep him from running. "I was trying to get better and better every video, but there was no spark," he said.

Then he decided to try something different: He made a fake dating profile, posing as an underage boy "just to see what would happen." He couldn't believe it when a man actually responded and wanted to meet up, so he decided to tape the confrontation, -style, and post it online.

"I'd rather it be me than a child."The movement has become a media sensation in Canada, spawning a multi-part by VICE Canada. S, where the public shaming of sex offenders is already embedded in the criminal justice system, media, and culture; perhaps we don't need to outsource it to grassroots activists.

As a matter of principle, Canada doesn't push those accused of sex crimes into the spotlight: There, the sex offender registry is only available to law enforcement, rather than the general public.

"I buried that demon as deep as I could." Brady used to play bass guitar in a hard rock band, and he still has traces of the look: dyed hair, ear plugs, forearm tattoos.


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    Meanwhile Anne-Marie nailed nautical chic in a Breton sweater and navy pea coat over simple skinny jeans.

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    And any boys growing up with a teacher in the family would have witnessed the impossible workload, especially in the past ten years, the ridiculous bureaucracy and the increasingly demanding parents - and they would run a mile.

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    The 27-year-old, who shot to fame after being cast as the young wizard at the age of 11, is now worth £78 million - up £4m on last year's figures. Styles recently launched a career as a solo artist and it has gone from strength to strength - with his world tour selling out in just seconds on Friday.