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(In fact, if they follow industry practice, they probably only have 500 or so phone lines anyway.) So that ISP may only have 600 or 700 IP addresses — enough to provide one for each phone line, a few for internal use, a few for future growth, but nowhere near one for each of those 3000 customers.Or maybe you have a cable modem, though “Big Cable Co Inc.” Whenever your cable modem goes online (when you first plug it in and turn it on), it broadcasts a request for an open address, and some computer in their office eventually answers.

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This is a gentle, not-too-technical introduction on it, how it works, and a comprehensive list of mostly free providers.

We have also provided some dynamic dns reviews on various hosting companies to help you better decide who to choose!

Imagine if the phone company changed your number twice a day — people would have a hard time calling you.

Fortunately, most home users don’t need to worry about all this “dynamic DNS” stuff.

If you want to run a BBS, you’ll almost certainly need to read on. The most interesting, and useful, types of DNS records are A records, MX records, and CNAME records. An A record usually matches a single name to a single number.